"NSFW". Conor McGregor Doesn't Take Shit From Anybody, Especially When It's A Nobo

At a recent UFC press conference Conor McGregor absolutely destroys Jeremy Stephens! "You come at the king, you best not miss" is not only a classic Omar Little mantra, it's perhaps the best way to sum up Jeremy Stephen's failed attempt at verbally shutting down Conor McGregor, during the press conference for UFC 205 in New York, last night. The UFC featherweight, who was sharing a stage with McGregor to discuss his upcoming bout with Frankie Edgar on the super card, decided to chime in when 'Notorious' was on the mic and was left wishing he'd just stayed at home for the evening. Even the fans decided to rip him apart by changing his Wiki page! Given that Stephens has lost three of his last

This Guy Obviously Lives By The Term Yolo..

If you are looking for a video to make you a little on edge today, well this is the one for you. Some crazy guy decided he wants to go for a big jump and is living the life of YOLO.. (you only live once)

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