Another day in Aussie..

An Australian fisherman has been captured a dramatic fight with a large shark, in which a broom handle saved his boat. Just another day in Australia it seems.. Thank god we live in New Zealand ae.

Great White Shark Gets Into Diving Cage, How About No!

Shocking footage has captured the moment a Great White Shark broke into a diving cage while a tourist was trapped inside. The four-metre-long predator was chasing a piece of tuna bait left out by a guide when it accidentally smashed into the supposedly 'shark-proof' cage. One stunned onlooker can heard to be expressing "oh my God" as desperate staff quickly open the top of the cage. The shark appears to thrash around for several seconds as those watching ask "Is it inside?" and "Is he in the cage?" Then the fish suddenly emerges from the water, clearly distressed and bleeding in several places. It manages to free itself and swims away. A man then asks "Was there anybody in there?" It becomes

Man films terrible drivers while they fail to park within the lines.

A tourist on a rooftop has filmed a car park below while judging drivers on their terrible parking skills. The man comments at the beginning of the video he had decided to film the Croatian car park after noticing drivers in the country were bad at parking. Even before he films anyone attempting to park, the car park is already filled with cars not in the white lines. Some of the cars appear to think they are in a diagonal parking area when the parks are for cars to drive straight in. My god it makes me angry at how bad these guys are! Source:

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