Throwback To Awkward Moment Hugh Jackman Recognized His Interviewer

So it is always awkward as a kid to see your teacher outside of school.. (because like are they are only meant to stay at schools??). Well imagine having a massive celebrity as your old teacher and them recognizing you while trying to interview them for your job. That is exactly what has happened with a recent video that has gone viral around the web involving everyone's favorite Australian Hugh Jackman. One guy would have either felt like a hero or a flop when Hugh, (who used to be a P.E. teacher) was interviewed by a former student while he was on the red carpet at the 2013 Zurich Film Festival to collect a Golden Icon award. Rollo Ross, who now works in the media, used to be taught by Hug

Is This The Best Coffee Shop In The World?!

Bikini Beans Espresso in Washington offers customers a unique experience as workers serve hot drink in hardly any clothes at all. The glamorous women cover their nipples with tiny stickers paired with some very skimpy underwear. Other women can opt to wear a full bikini set while serving their predominantly male customers. Female owner Carlie Jo said her business has been a big success with ratings soaring on Yelp - possibly due to the alternative dress code. The uniform has come under fire from some, while others claim it to be nothing but harmless fun. Owner Carlie went as far as saying the next-to-nothing dress code actually empowers women. While it mostly brings in male customers the bus

The Last Highway - The Untold Story Of Bon Scott Due In November 2017...

The incredible life and untimely death of AC/DC singer Bon Scott is being revisited in the new biography The Last Highway: The Untold Story of Bon Scott and AC/DC’s Back in Black, scheduled for publication in late 2017. The book comes courtesy of author Jesse Fink, whose work may be familiar to fans of the band through his 2015 release The Youngs: The Brothers Who Built AC/DC. Calling it “a passion project,” Fink promises Last Highway is “the biggest book I’ve ever written,” and hints that it’ll focus on “the story of Bon’s years in America, 1977-79, and his mysterious death in England in 1980.” Referring to Scott’s death as “the Da Vinci Code of rock,” the press release announcing The Last

Kid Interrupts Live Weather Report On TV, Farts On Air As Well

A little boy saw a weatherman deal with slightly more wind than forecast after he ran onto the set and farted. It happened on Saturday evening as WLBT Weatherman Patrick Ellis was trying to explain to viewers about the weekend weather in Mississippi. From out of nowhere, an excited child ran in front of his green screen waving his arms frantically. Mr Ellis was a good sport about the whole interruption and greeted the youngster with open arms. 'We've got a little bit of, uh, interesting things going on right now,' he said as the child appears to direct a fart at the meteorologist's knees. 'I don't know whats going on!' shouted the little boy who is called Houston. Mr Ellis couldn't help but

Student Proves He Is Not Drink Driving By "JUGGLING" To Pass A Sobriety Test

When you're pulled over by police, most people would probably prepare to receive a ticket or perhaps even something more serious. But one University of Central Arkansas student who was stopped by police managed to prove he had not been drinking and driving by showing off his impressive juggling skills. The funny incident was captured on UCA Police dash and body cameras - and the student even had a licence plate that says 'JUGGLER'. He managed to get away free and even gave the Police a bit of a laugh while doing so. Goes to show being a clown can sometimes be helpful. Source:

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