We cant believe these 3 Bands got Banned

So we found this pretty interesting.... Metal bands seem to have a habit of getting themselves banned from countries and some of them its not that hard to see why. When we stumbled across Loudwires 13 Heavy Metal Bands that have been banned from countries we were stumped to see a few of the musicians that had made the list. Here's our list of three bands that got banned from a country, which really took us by surprise. The Beatles Banned From Israel: In 1964 The Beatles were taking over the world's music scene releasing nearly 10 records in 1964 alone. The year previous Cliff Richards had cause an uproar of hysteria in Israel and the government saw the need to protect their youth, Which resu

Get "American Idiot" to No1 For Trumps Visit to The UK

Well its all there in the title isn't it.... Trump is set to make his first appearance in The UK on Friday the 13th of July and a protest has emerged which all started with a Facebook page. The Facebook page is called "Get american Idiot to No1For Trumps UK Visit". If the protest is successful this will be the first time American Idiot has reached the top of the UK charts, in its peak the track reached number 3 on the charts. The protesters have made a decent nudge so far at reaching their goal, American Idiot hit number one on Amazon and there are two versions of the song in the Itunes top 20. One group of dudes that will be over the moon if the protest is successful is Green day for obvi

Check out this passionate rock toddler.

Start them off young they say.... This kids a Bayrock fan and probably cant spell Bayrock yet.. But who needs to spell when youve got movers like this. This Kid was filmed Headbanging and screaming along to 'Counting Worms' by Knocked Loose and it was posted on Facebook, the video has cracked viral status and has over 22,000 views Source: Loudwire.com

Someone Stole Five Finger Death Punch's Logo

Somebody's going to get five finger death punched. Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory tweeted an image of a fireworks box that features a very obviously stolen logo that the band used on their album The Way of the Fist. He says that the fireworks have nothing to do with them and that their logo is being used without authorisation. This is the band's original logo And this is the image of the fireworks shared by Zoltan... The fireworks are even labeled Inferno Punch which really doesn't help their case. Zoltan adds; With that said, if you're handling fireworks, be safe. It's called Five finger Death Punch, not No Fingers Death Punch. Source: Loudwire


Here is proof you can get famous by doing nothing special. This guy, named Aaron Gos, has posted a video to Youtube of him with Cornrows, eating corn while listening to Korn. And the internet loved it! Source

Fozzy Announce Australia and NZ Tour!

ARE YOU READY TO BE ROCKED!? After absolutely killing tours in the UK and the USA Fozzy are bring there JUDAS RISING Tour down under to the shores of New Zealand and Australia. Fozzy are coming in hot with 2 top 10 US Active Rock hits off their monster record ‘Judas’ to play their first Headline since 2010, first show in Aussie since 2013 and first show ever in New Zealand. The Rock sensation Fozzy is made up of Richard Ward, Chris Jericho, Frank Fontsere, Billy Grey and Paul Dileo. Over the years Fozzy's Albums grew increasingly popular but it was 2012 when they released Sin and Bones that the band really started to sky rocketed and got fans craving their trademark have melodic groove. Then

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