Blink 182 and All Time Low frontman have joined forces to create new Band

Two of pop-punk’s biggest names have joined forces to create a new band, Simple Creatures. Blink-182 vocalist / bassist Mark Hoppus and All Time Low frontman Alex Gaskarth just launched the new project, debuting a new song called “Drug.” Simple Creatures teamed up with Mass Motion and Ian Williams to create their animated lyric video for “Drug.” Listeners from the era of drive-in movie theaters may be reminded of those old “Let’s all go to the lobby” cartoons when watching “Drug,” as anthropomorphic pills dance menacingly on the screen. Taking to Instagram to reveal the team up they said: “Hi. We are Simple Creatures. We just woke up from a very long sleep. We have so much to tell you, but f

Red Hot Chili Peppers set to perform at Grammys with Post Malone

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are set to perform a very special performance at the 61st Grammy Awards. The California rockers will team up with rapper Austin Richard Post, aka Post Malone, for a unique collaboration. The set performance is currently being called a “unforgettable Grammy moment.” The joint effort teams up the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers with the smooth and laconic vocals of the biggest pop star at the moment. Malone is nominated for four Grammy Awards including Best Rap/Sung Performance and Record of the Year for “Rockstar” and the coveted Album of the Year for Beerbongs & Bentleys. The Red Hot Chili Peppers, who have been working toward a new album, have a rich Grammy history as

Alien Weaponry are heading back to America on Tour

With their massive success last year, our very own Alien Weaponry have become one of the most talked about metal bands for 2018, gaining considerable traction with their debut album, Tu. Now, the lads are poised to embark on their inaugural headlining tour of North America. The "Tumatauenga Tour" will take place in May, kicking off with an appearance at the Domination Festival in Mexico before venturing north of the border into the United States as well as Canada. "We had an awesome time touring with Ministry in 2018, and we are so excited to be coming back," said Alien Weaponry. "We can't wait to see more of America and put on some sick shows for you all." Listen below for Max's latest chat

Man who was accidentally invited to stag party flies to join

What would you do if you got an email that was inviting you to a stag do and you had no idea who the person was nor the person who invited you? Would you ignore it or just dive right in? Well this happened to a dude named Novak. He was accidentally copied in to a group email about a forthcoming stag do thanks to a typo in an email address. He didn't know any of the guys, but he did know what they were planning for their mate, groom-to-be Angelo, who they'd be whisking off to Vermont for a skiing trip. Within the email it asks the stags to "Bring your 80's attire, ridiculous awesome get ups, etc. for skiing, ask yourself "What would Angelo wear?" Rather than ignoring the email like many of us

Pearl Jam have confirmed to be writing a new album

It’s official!! Pearl Jam are working on a new album. Though they haven’t locked themselves in the studio quite yet, Pearl Jam have been slowly chipping away at studio album No. 11. “We’re going to make a record, and we’re in the middle of it,” guitarist Stone Gossard tells Rolling Stone. “We’re just going to keep plugging away until we get one done.” “We’ve gone in, probably, four or five times in the last couple of years, so we have a whole ton of unfinished stuff,” bassist Jeff Ament adds. “We’re just sort of in a little bit of limbo. I’m sure everybody’s got a bunch more riffs, and I’m sure Ed’s got a handful of journal lyrics. It’s just going to take us all getting into a room together

Watch: Greta Van Fleet make their first appearance on 'SNL'

Greta Van Fleet have had a skyrocket of a career thus far now ticking off another big event off their list, playing for the first episode of Saturday Night Live for 2019. The band made its debut on the show with "Black Smoke Rising" and "You're the One." Later in the episode, Colin Jost cracked a joke at their expense on Weekend Update, saying, "Sunday night will bring a 'super blood wolf moon,' which is a rare lunar eclipse and not, as I had assumed, the name of the band that just performed on our show." The SNL performance kicks off what should be an eventful 2019 for Greta Van Fleet. Next month they'll head to the Grammys, where they're nominated for four awards, including best new artist

LISTEN: Max talks to SLASH

We can not believe how awesome it is to have the legend Slash bring his Living The Dream tour to New Zealand Jan 25 and 26th. The Guns N' Roses guitarist will be joined by Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators for two amazing shows Tauranga and Auckland. Our drive guy Max got him on the phone and caught up with him before the shows next week. Have a listen below! Slash has worked with Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators on three albums: 2012's Apocalyptic Love, 2014's World On Fire and 2018's Living The Dream. Tickets are on sale now at Ticketek and Ticketmaster.

Chris Cornell’s Star-Studded Tribute Show Is Absolutely Brilliant

It was one of the biggest nights of rock last night in L.A, as a number of rock bands paid tribute to the late great Chris Cornell. The 'I Am The Highway' concert had been named “an epic night of music, taking fans on an unforgettable journey through Chris’s legendary career and catalogue.” Chris Cornell’s friends and family said many heartfelt tributes but the one that captured his essence best improbably came from Jack Black. “Sometimes Chris Cornell would sing a note that didn’t exist,” he told the sold-out crowd. “Sometimes [he] would sing a note that was between two real notes, and it would open a portal into another dimension. I don’t know if that’s true. Like, maybe it was probably a

Drunk dude crashes Foo Fighters gig and becomes a legend

Foo Fighters played their first 2019 show in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock on Wednesday night. A fan who seemed like he was having a good time with a lot of liquor named Jay from Bombay came onstage at one point, chugging champagne with Dave Grohl, dancing onstage, and shouting/attempting to sing at times. After the Foos finished their performance, Jay from Bombay wasn’t ready to leave. Jay said, “Let’s do it again.” Grohl responded, “Yeah, let’s do it again sometime, sometime. See ya Jay. Jay from Bombay.” Security then came onstage as Jay tried to climb Taylor Hawkins’ drum kit, and he tripped and almost had a bad fall, but caught himself with the help of security. Grohl himself had a fall du

Corey Taylor Reveals His Addiction to Social Media

Being the workaholic he is, it was inevitable that Corey Taylor would begin working on his fifth book. One of the subjects the Slipknot / Stone Sour front man will tackle an issue Taylor himself has struggled with. In the new project is the link between addiction and social media — While guesting on the Let There Be Talk podcast, Corey offered his take, eventually getting into his own struggles with putting down the phone. “There’s a flare in addiction right now and it’s one of the things I’m working on in my new book. There’s a correlation between that and social media — all of the shit that’s been triggered because of social media, the same kind of dopamine trigger. It’s compulsion, gratif

Youtuber's have made a metal version of Bring Me The Horizon's 'Medicine'

Bring Me The Horizon are only a few short weeks away from dropping their new album and many fans are waiting in anticipation. While you wait check out YouTuber named Nik Nocturnal his musical pal Andy Cizek as they deconstruct "Medicine" and revise it with a much heavier approach. Take a listen below. "This video is not meant in any way to dig at the original song they just released or try to replace it," says Nocturnal at the end of the video. "It was honestly just a fun experiment of like, 'Hey, I wonder how this new song would sound in their older style.'" Bring Me the Horizon are set to deliver the new album Amo on Jan. 25 Source: Loudwire

Fool Tries to Mug a UFC Star With Cardboard Gun

If your enough of a tool to try and rob a female at gunpoint, just double check shes not a UFC strawweight star. It may also help if your gun isn't made of cardboard... These are two very vital mistakes this twit made, while trying to rob 27-year-old UFC strawweight star Polyana Viana. The attempted mugger first approached Polyana outside her apartment in building in Jacarepagua and asked her for the time, Polyana was instantly suspicious of the bloke. As the UFC star grew more aware of the situation, she instinctively moved her cell phone to her waistline, and was then asked by her attacker to hand over her phone as he was "armed". Polyana had suspicions about the gun being plastic, plus kn

Bring Me The Horizon's New Song Has Dropped Ahead of The New Album

Bring Me the Horizon's new album, amo, will be out on Jan. 25. With the exciting release coming so soon we have already seen two new songs, "MANTRA" and "Wonderful Life" and have now debuted another new track, "Medicine." This newest song sees them going in a full pop-centered direction. You can listen to it below.

Scientists Invent A Wearable Testicle-Cooling Device To Boost Men's Fertility

Lads 2019 is the year we start looking after ourselves.. well more importantly ya balls. Something that looks rather uncomfortable is apparently meant to boost men's fertility by cooling everything down.. down there? The CoolMen gadget is attached to a belt and should be worn for 12-16 hours a day for up to a month to boost men's sperm count, its manufacturers say. Testicles have to be one to two degrees cooler than a man's body temperature for optimum sperm production, but tight clothes, saunas and laptops can heat them up. Costing around $304, the CoolMen is connected to the wearer's smartphone to allow real-time temperature monitoring too! How about that for ya next birthday present?!

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