Lamb of God's Randy Blythe explains why we need to find alternatives to plastic.

Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe has traveled the world, and as an avid surfer, he's also become quite aware of the pervasive nature of plastic in the environment. Blythe penned a piece for Kerrang, speaking on the environmental impact of plastic and how our continued dependence on it as a society is unsustainable. Blythe says that visits to beaches often yield plenty of visible plastic littering the environment, while also often minuscule micro-plastics enter our food chain as fish digest them. He also adds that out in the oceans, it's not uncommon to come across floating collections of plastic as well. Speaking more in-depth about what plastic is and how it affects our environment, the sing

Rage Against the Machine fans upset over charity ticket prices, Tom Morello responds.

Among Rage Against the Machine’s initiatives to combat scalpers on their recently-announced tour included an effort that saw the band buy 10% of all tickets themselves, then re-post those for above face value with 100% of the profits going towards charity. That tactic alone has resulted in over $3 million raised for charity as of February 15, according to guitarist Tom Morello. But many of the band’s fans either did not get the memo about the special charity allotment, don’t understand it, or don’t care, resulting in hundreds of them flocking to social media to direct frustrations for high ticket prices at the band (despite the rest of all tickets on all dates going for $125 flat with no “dy

Don't Miss out on Homegrown 2020!

Tickets may have sold out but Bayrock still has a double pass to give away! In New Zealand we suffer from tall poppy syndrome, but sometimes it’s epic to celebrate some of our New Zealand born talent! Jim Beam Homegrown is the one opportunity we get each year to round up the crew, go on a roadie and celebrate some of our most talented performers all in one place - The Wellington Waterfront. Tickets have completely sold out to the event, but the Backrock team have a double pass to give away. We would love to send you, here are some of the acts you could be watching live!!! Devilskin The alternative metal band formed in Hamilton. Their first album, released in 2014, reached No. 1 on the New Z

Hear Machine Head's new "anti-Valentines Day" song "Circle the drain".

Machine Head vocalist-guitarist Robb Flynn describes it as an "anti-Valentine's Day track" saying, "The song is inspired by an acquaintance of mine who returned from Afghanistan only to have his relationship fall apart with his girl. She had messed around on him, then got paranoid about him messing around on her, and drove him crazy. We had a conversation on Valentine's Day and he said to me, 'They were just circling the drain…' The phrase struck me. A few days later, I incorporated it into the song I'd been working on." The Machine Head leader continues, "It was a strange parallel with my life at the time, having recently had two band members quit, and even more bizarrely, two long-time cou

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