It's not uncommon to want to grab a drink at the end of a hard working day - and one woman thought a reporter in the middle of Hurricane Harvey needed one.

News reporter Casey Stegall was bang in the middle of the extreme weather in the US reporting on a hurricane. As h...

A Kiwi prankster has hit internet fame after putting a spin on the popular petrol station combo of a pie and a coke.

In a photo on Facebook, the man from Palmerston North altered the deal to offer a coke and a cigarette for $5.

It's not known which service station fell v...

A video has reemerged online of the legend Lead singer of Slipknot Corey Taylor jamming out a acoustic gig with a few different songs than normal.

The performance occurred a while ago in Orlando, Florida, under the name CMFT (Corey Mother Fucking Taylor). During the int...

This has to be one of the strangest ads you'll ever see, but we have to like it, cause well, Steve Hansen is in it! 

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