Listening back to the music from the early 2000's is a real treat to the ears at all times but nothing prepared our Drive guy Max for the interview of his childhood dreams.

Listen below for Max on the phone with Simple Plans Jeff Stinco. Covering the upcoming tour to NZ...

Many rock stars would probably handle a fan encounter on stage a little different compared to the Foo Fighters Dave Grohl.

A fan at the Foo Fighters concert in Perth, Australia, Saturday jaunted up to the stage on a long runway and hugged the frontman while the band per...

This morning, Slayer shocked fans when they announced their farewell tour, which is slated for 2018. Tour dates have not yet been announced, but it promises to be a "world tour." The video annoucnement includes a compilation of media throughout the group's career, rang...

Summer Underground Rock Tour 2018

Auckland's Alt/Groove 4 piece 'Coridian' & Hard Hitting Rock'n Rap Trio 'Animalhead' are combining forces with Hamiltons Rock Metal Powerhouse 'Checaine' & Wellingtons Rock and Roll Machine 'Curlys Jewels' for a four-date festive summ...

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