Here's a pointless video of people falling down a hill chasing cheese. ITS AWESOME!


Are you a bigger Iron Maiden fan then all of your friends? are you the biggest Iron Maiden Fan you know? Well now the rock gods have blessed you with an opportunity to prove it!

An app has been released called Iron Maidens Beat the intro. Beat the intro is an existing a...

It seems to be turning into a bit of a trend where over seas take away stores are releasing mind blowing, tasty treats and Kiwis are left drooling in jealousy. The last one to get our knickers in a knot was Mcdonald's Germany with Camembert Donuts but now they have bee...

Skinny Hobbo's are releasing their debut album. Now you may be confused.. "Debut"?? yes even though the band have been together for a few years now the Debut album celebrates and punctuates the end of the first chapter for Skinny Hobbos

The album includes 9 live set fav...

Drink Driving is a serious problem in today's society. Some people are fantastic and know their limits, other people aren't so fantastic and continue to drive after a few too many beersies .Not only do drink-drivers put themselves in danger when they choose to jump on...

The Latest video from the kiwi lads Alien Weaponry has just dropped and its got the BAYROCK crew fizzing!

Really cool to see a kiwi band bring a touch of New Zealand culture to the world of metal. if you want to keep up with the latest from Alien Weaponry check out thei...

We have no idea if this is real or fake,  either way,  this cat looks like a bad ass!

Source: Pinterest

Everyone wants their favorite band at their wedding. But unless your Prince Harry or Justin Bieber that probably isn’t very realistic…

Well Belinda Marie Rosales and Tony Rosales have figured out the solution to this every day person problem.. TAKE THE WEDDING TO THE BA...

 Make sure you also check out their facebook page for all the updates, new music and more!

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