WATCH: Kangaroo Attacks Man's Pet Dog, Gets The Shock Of Its Life

In yet another fine example of the Australian outback, footage of a man punching a kangaroo in the face after it had his dog in a head-lock has gone viral on Sunday.

Although it is unclear where the footage originated, an American man posted the video to his Facebook on Saturday, claiming it was sent to him from his "buddy in Australia".

The footage has since been reproduced multiple times online.

It shows a man racing to help his pet dog 'Max' as it is held in a head lock by a large kangaroo. As the man approaches, the kangaroo kicks the dog in its front legs as the canine tries desperately to escape its grip.

Just as things begin to look dire for the dog, the kangaroo's attention turns to the dog's owner and he lets him go.

The kangaroo and man then face off with the man raising his fists into a boxing stance before he punches the kangaroo in the face.

Visibly shocked, but seemingly not seriously injured, the kangaroo is taken aback by the strike.

He then stares at the man, and again at the dog, before making a quick getaway.

The video is narrated by a man with an Australian accent.

"The big buck actually has a hold of the dog, not the other way around," the man says, suggesting the dog may be a hunting canine. Since being uploaded on Saturday, it has been viewed more than three million times.


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