What Happens When Two Lawyers Sit Next To Each Other On A Plane.. Shit Happens!

I have always wondered what would happen if two very smart people sat next to each other on a flight and had to share the middle armrest.. Well my thoughts have been answered!

In one of the funniest travel videos of 2016, Andy Slamans bravely went where no man has gone before - and reclaimed the armrest from a greedy fellow passenger.

Slamans said he was sick of the man hogging the space and quickly elbowed his way onto the armrest, reclaiming it from his shocked seat-mate.

Now, in a more serious incident, the armrest has sparked a massive argument between two travelers, who also happen to be lawyers.

The Monarch Airways flight was due to depart from Gatwick to Malaga in Spain, when the argument erupted.

In footage from the incident the unidentified male passenger can be heard telling the flight attendant that they were arguing over the armrest and he refuses to move.

When the woman says she is a lawyer and threatens to sue the airline if they do not move the man he interjected, saying "I'm a lawyer too you stupid woman!"

"He just punched me. I'm a lawyer and I will sue you guys if you don't do anything. He just hit me with his elbow and everyone has seen it," the woman says.

The pair continue to squabble and when a member of staff asks if they're travelling together, the pair shout "No" in unison, much to the amusement of everyone else.

The woman eventually moves to another seat but doesn't look pleased as fellow passengers giggle at the confrontation.

Source: Stuff.co.nz

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