Kid Interrupts Live Weather Report On TV, Farts On Air As Well

A little boy saw a weatherman deal with slightly more wind than forecast after he ran onto the set and farted.

It happened on Saturday evening as WLBT Weatherman Patrick Ellis was trying to explain to viewers about the weekend weather in Mississippi.

From out of nowhere, an excited child ran in front of his green screen waving his arms frantically.

Mr Ellis was a good sport about the whole interruption and greeted the youngster with open arms.

'We've got a little bit of, uh, interesting things going on right now,' he said as the child appears to direct a fart at the meteorologist's knees.

'I don't know whats going on!' shouted the little boy who is called Houston.

Mr Ellis couldn't help but laugh, and still managed to continue to present the facts and figures for the day's weather.

After being asked if he wanted to help present the weather, Houston turned around and created some wind of his own.

The entire encounter had Mr Ellis in near hysterics yet he still managed to keep it together.

'There are toots and farts everywhere,' the boy said out loud just as he was pulled off camera by his dad who ran after him onto the set.

Houston happened to be in the studio because his dad was a guest who was due to appear on a later segment of the broadcast and had brought him along for the ride.

The television station say they have been surprised about all of the attention they have received, but have invited the youngster back to present the weather for real.


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