Nothing Worse Than a Bus Bombing Ya Perfect Video

A bus driver has spectacularly ruined the perfect shot of a huge demolition for one furious television producer.

Dozens of cameras and onlookers were stationed outside the Georgia Dome in Atlanta on Monday, in preparation for a controlled explosion that would bring the sports stadium to the ground.

But while some got an incredible glimpse of the large-scale destruction, one incensed producer from The Weather Channel got the opposite experience.

Stationed well behind the first layer of observers, it looked as though he'd got the perfect spot for a good view - and that appeared to be the case even as the demo started.

But as soon as the excitement of collapsing walls and imploding roofs began, a bus driver parked his vehicle directly in line with the shot, obstructing the camera until just giant plumes of smoke were left.

The producer can be heard screaming "Get out of the way, bus!" and "What the f**k!" on numerous occasions.

Nothing worse than getting bloody video bombed when some cool shit is about to go down!


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