Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Coffee Is A Thing?!

Say goodbye to the flask under the desk at work to help you start the day, you can now drink that alcohol infused coffee without being worried.

Introducing Tennessee Whiskey Coffee, a new emerging trend hitting the market. Coffee roasters have taken to the barrels and have begun to age their beans.

Picking up notes of oak and whatever else was in the barrel prior, these special beans are infused with a world of flavor unlike regular coffee beans. It was only a matter of time before the beloved No. 7 joined in on the fun. Partnering up with World Of Coffee, the new ground beans are 100 percent Arabica infused with the Tennessee whiskey. Slightly different than barrel aged, infused beans suggest that the coffee company imparts the whiskey flavor in the roasting process as opposed to it sitting on oak.

For now the beautiful creation is only available online through the official Jack Daniel's Website. Here's hoping it gets down to NZ before winter to help with the early morning blues!

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