Alien Weaponry Album Tu Debut Track and Video Released Globally - Watch Here

Earlier this year, New Zealand three-piece Alien Weaponry made history as the youngest band to ever land a deal with global metal label Napalm Records. Now, the burgeoning groove-metal outfit — comprising brothers Henry and Lewis de Jong, and bassist Ethan Trembath, who are 17, 15 and 15, respectively — are taking their incendiary anthems across the planet with Tū, (short for Tūmataenga - the Maori god of war), their debut album. Arriving June 1st via Napalm, the 11-track record combines original material with re-mastered versions of previously-shared tracks "Rū Ana Te Whenua," "Urutaa," "Raupatu" and "PC Bro." Alien Weaponry often sing in the traditional Maori language and draw on the band members' Maori heritage for their songs.

Accompanying the announcement is Alien Weaponry's dramatic music video for Tū's first single, the surging, melodic "Holding My Breath," which features English-language lyrics. Directed by Antony Wu, the clip combines performance scenes with ominous shots of actress Rose van Wylich, who languishes in the nude; guitarist and lead vocalist Lewis de Jong gets in on the angst-fest (but opts to keep his pants on).

Lewis describes "Holding My Breath" as a personal reflection on the musician's fears of being judged and socially ostracized by his peers, as well as the self-destructive behaviors spurred by such anxieties. "It's about something that actually happened to me. I felt so bad that I literally stayed in my room and couldn't bring myself to leave the house or talk to anyone," he says. "I wrote the song at that time, and it was one of the things that helped me work through it, so I hope it will resonate with other people going through similar things."

Tū is available June 1st via Napalm Records. You can pre-order it here, and scroll down for the album artwork and track listing.

Alien Weaponry - Tū track listing

01. "Waikōrero" 02. "Rū Ana Te Whenua" 03. "Holding My Breath"" 04. "Raupatu" 05. "Kai Tangata" 06. "Rage (It Takes Over Again)" 07. "Whispers" 08. "PC Bro" 09. "Urutaa" 10. "Nobody Here" 11. "Te Ara"

Source: Revolver Magazine

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