Johnny Danger has Died in a Motor Cycle Accident

This Anzac Day, New Zealand said goodbye to one of the newest celebrities in the country. Stunt man and social media star Johnny Danger Bennet passed away yesterday in a motor cycle crash. Not long before the accident Danger posted himself and other motor bike enthusiasts gearing up for a fun day riding on his social media.

Johnny Danger has influenced many fans by brightening their day through humor and antics and gained an impressive following on social media. Danger was a trend setter starting the now famous Danger Swig and also bought light to the expression "Hell F*#ken Yehaaa!"

Although Danger has left us his memories will live on through his thousands of fans and of course Danger Larger. Johnny Danger Bennet is the founder of Danger Larger, which broke records on its release for the fastest selling beer.

Johnny Danger will be very missed, its such a shame to loose such an influential character at such a young age.

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