Repeat Drunk Driver gets Pranked and its Gold!

Drink Driving is a serious problem in today's society. Some people are fantastic and know their limits, other people aren't so fantastic and continue to drive after a few too many beersies .Not only do drink-drivers put themselves in danger when they choose to jump on the road half chopped , they also endanger the lives of other road users and pedestrians.

Tom Mabe is the man behind the genius prank in this video. After his buddy Ray received his fifth charge for driving drunk Tom decided he needed to teach Ray a lesson before he hurt himself or someone else. Ray had been drinking excessively and reaching black out drunk far too often, it was becoming obvious that Ray was heading for his sixth DUI charge.

In 2013, a well planned and executed prank came into play where Tom organised a fake hospital room to give Ray the scare he needed. Ray had passed out drunk and the action plan took full swing, the hospital was set, and Ray was in for a hell of a scare.

Ray eventually wakes up from his binged out coma to find a nurse at his attendance, the nurse then passes on to a doctor who reveals to Ray that they year is 2023 and hes been a coma for 10 years due to a drink driving accident. "Some time ago you were out drinking and you decided to drive and there was an accident and you’ve been with us for some time.The accident took place back in 2013, it’s now 2023. You’ve been in a coma for the past 10 years."

A fake video was made to play for Ray featuring the likes of Miley Cyrus and Hillary Clinton, set in 2023, all too real for a dusty Ray who thinks hes missed the last decade of his life.

This video is super cool! its awesome to see a bloke who's not afraid to tell his mate he's being a dick for endangering others. Drink Driving is a huge killer on Kiwi roads, if your mates are known to get behind the wheel when they shouldn't, let this be an inspiration to you!

Source Article and images: Unilad

Source Video: Youtube

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