KFC Release Mac'n Cheese

It seems to be turning into a bit of a trend where over seas take away stores are releasing mind blowing, tasty treats and Kiwis are left drooling in jealousy. The last one to get our knickers in a knot was Mcdonald's Germany with Camembert Donuts but now they have been shown up in my eyes.

The latest chain to leave kiwis in tears is KFC. The Malaysian chain of KFC has released the Mac n Cheese bowl! a combination of tasty zinger chicken pieces and Macaroni covered in Nacho cheese. Whats even better is the price! you can pick up one of these mac and cheese bowls for only 5.50 Malaysian Ringgit, which translates to be exactly 2 NZD at the moment.


Something that is rather strange though is this item is only available as part of the breakfast menu. I guess the mac and cheese will be a treat at any stage during the day but personally i think this would be best eaten at 3am stumbling home in an attempt to soak up the booze to save the next days horrific hang over.

Source: Unilad

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