Iron Maiden's new App! For the Real Rock Nerds

Are you a bigger Iron Maiden fan then all of your friends? are you the biggest Iron Maiden Fan you know? Well now the rock gods have blessed you with an opportunity to prove it!

An app has been released called Iron Maidens Beat the intro. Beat the intro is an existing app where users race to guess the song from only hearing short snippets of the song. There are three possible answers to each snippet, the quicker you can recognize the correct song, the more points you get for that round. The player with the highest score has the best knowledge of the music in that round.

Beat the into were the ones that approached Iron Maiden but originally just to use songs in the apps catalog. One thing lead to another and a mutation of Beat the Intro was formed called "Iron Maiden's Beat the Intro"

The app is now available on The App stores

Source: Loudwire

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