Get "American Idiot" to No1 For Trumps Visit to The UK

Well its all there in the title isn't it....

Trump is set to make his first appearance in The UK on Friday the 13th of July and a protest has emerged which all started with a Facebook page. The Facebook page is called "Get american Idiot to No1For Trumps UK Visit".

If the protest is successful this will be the first time American Idiot has reached the top of the UK charts, in its peak the track reached number 3 on the charts. The protesters have made a decent nudge so far at reaching their goal, American Idiot hit number one on Amazon and there are two versions of the song in the Itunes top 20.

One group of dudes that will be over the moon if the protest is successful is Green day for obvious reasons... The song american Idiot has had a long standing association with American Politics, dating back to George W Bush being in the White House in 2004 when the song was released. Green day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has his own personal opinions against trumps presidency with their performance at the American Music Awards in late 2016 breaking into chant "No Trump, No KKK, No fascist U.S.A"

Source: Loudwire

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