We cant believe these 3 Bands got Banned

So we found this pretty interesting....

Metal bands seem to have a habit of getting themselves banned from countries and some of them its not that hard to see why. When we stumbled across Loudwires 13 Heavy Metal Bands that have been banned from countries we were stumped to see a few of the musicians that had made the list.

Here's our list of three bands that got banned from a country, which really took us by surprise.

The Beatles Banned From Israel:

In 1964 The Beatles were taking over the world's music scene releasing nearly 10 records in 1964 alone. The year previous Cliff Richards had cause an uproar of hysteria in Israel and the government saw the need to protect their youth, Which resulted in a ban of the Beatles. In 2008 40 years later an apology letter was written to Julia Baird, sister of the late John Lennon. I think the apology would have been more appropriate to the 1964 teens of Israel.

The Rolling Stones Banned from Japan:

In 1970 The Rolling Stones were set to hit their first tour of Japan. The dreams of fans and the band were soon destroyed when Mick Jagger's previous drug convictions resulted in the band being turned away.

Rammstien Banned from Germany:

Just because its their homeland doesnt mean they cant get banned! the Rammstien song Pussy released in was said to provoke unprotected sex even though there was an AIDS epidemic at the time. To protect their youth the German government banned Rammstien from advertising 'Liebe Ist Fr Alle Da' anywhere that could be seen by those under 18.

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