Prince's "The Black Album" Vinyl Sells For a Record Breaking $27,500!

A vinyl copy of Prince's "The Black Album" from 1987 has sold for $27,500 on the online music store Discog, making it the most expensive record ever sold online!

Originally the LP was with held from being released and in 1991 Prince told Rolling Stone that he had a moment where he realized that people can "suddenly die at any stage and we are judged by what we leave behind, I didn't want that angry bitter thing being the last thing"

It was for this reason that the album has become so valuable. The copy that was sold for $27,500 on Discog's was one of the 500,000 retail versions that Prince had recalled to be destroyed. The previous owner of the record chose to stay anonymous as he was a previous employee of the record pressing plant that produced the vinyls.

Although this copy that sold for $27,500 broke records for the most expensive record sold online it was not the most expensive copy of this LP to ever be purchased. One copy was sold in auction for $42,298 earlier this year. The Black Album is one of the most valuable records in history.

Source: The Guardian

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