Tenacious D announce New Album and Animated Series

The wicked Combo of Jack Black and Kyle Glass have just made an announcement for Tenacious D!

Tenacious D have announced the release of their latest Album Post-Apocolypto! The new album will be accompanied by a 6 part animated series.


EndFragmentEndFragmentThe last record released by tenacious D was in 2012 and was named by NME as an epic fail, only funny if your still into air drum solos to "Eye of the Tiger," but with the addition of the animated series, there seems to be a bit more excitement going round for this album.

That's partly due to the fact that Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters will feature on drums in the 21- song album.

Set to be released on November 2, the album tracklist is as follows:

01. POST-APOCALYPTO THEME 02. desolation 03. HOPE 04. cave women 05. MAKING LOVE 06. scientists 07. TAKE US INTO SPACE 08. i’ve got to go 09. FUCK YO-YO MA 10. reunion/not so fast 11. DADDY DING DONG 12. chainsaw bazooka machine gun 13. ROBOT 14. marCH 15. turd whistle 16. COLORS 17. who’s your daddy? 18. JB JR RAP 19. WOMAN TIME 20. SAVE THE WORLD 21. POST-APOCALYPTO THEME (REPRISE)

You can pre-order a physical copy here

Source: NME

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