Nickelback Do an Awesome Cover! but still get shit for it..

Well the poor old blokes at Nickelback just cant catch a break... A video has been flying around the internet of the band covering Metallica and they did a wicked job! its really good. Not many people know that live performances of Nickelback often involves covering other bands such as Pantera and ACDC and this time it was Metallica's "sad but true"

They did such a good job but the poor old band just cant catch a break, Nickelback have often been regarded as a bit of a shocker and the reputation just wont Die. People are actually hating on them for doing a good job?!

Heres some examples of Fan reaction to Nickelbacks cover.

"I hate Nickelback, I actually clicked on this thinking it would be a fun laugh. But damn, I'm impressed."

"This makes me sad, and you know why? Because this proves that they can play pretty damn good if they want to, but prefer not to. They are wasting their talent"


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