Guns N'Roses to release new music after 25 years

This is super exciting news! its been 25 years since the legends of GnR released new music and it sounds like the time has come!

Reports say that slash has a tonne of new music hes been writing which is yet to be released. the band have been having such a blast touring over the last 25 years that it has inspired them to write new music!

‘We want to do something. We’ve been on the road this entire time, we have another leg coming up in November in Asia, then we’re going to start looking at what the next step is going to be,’ Slash told Revolver magazine.

The wait to hear what the legends have come up with may not be as far away as expected, slash revealed that Axl has a bunch of music that is yet to be released. If its been 25 years since they released music and those songs are still so highly regarded This is going to bump Guns'N Roses further into the future.


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