Vegan pizza anyone?

Fancy a bit of soggy bread and some red onions? mmmh me neither.

First of all whats vegan? secondary why would you want to be vegan? and thirdly put some bacon on that bloody pizza.

Mary Nesbitt-Larking from the UK decided that after a long day she would ease her apatite by going to Pizza Express and getting her self a well earned pizza. After being told by the kitchen staff that there was no vegan cheese the poor girl was just to hungry to wait and just went and

ordered a tomato base, onion and pine nut pizza. Not only was there no vegan cheese the kitchen staff forgot to put on the pine nuts and lets be real they were also very stingy on the onions. YOU HAD ONE JOB!

Pizza Express has apologized, remarking: '‘We take great pride in crafting delicious pizzas that our customers love – on this occasion we let Mary down and apologies for her disappointing experience.

'We are following up to find out what went wrong and, by way of an apology, have invited Mary back to Pizza Express with a friend, to try our new Autumn dishes and dedicated Vegan menu, which includes the new Vegan Puttanesca'

She said that she understands that being vegan is a choice and doesn't blame Pizza Express for the lack of vegan cheese, but that after an hour of waiting she was willing to eat anything as long as it was vegan.

In our opinion looks like it was one giant mis-"steak"..

(Get it because its vegan lol)

Source: Metro UK

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