18 Year Old Gets License, Moments Later Looses It.

A very unlucky 18-year-old was out for a hoon with the lads when he was clocked by a police speed trap doing 95km/h in a 50km/h zone.

Cops in the town of Hemer caught him with a laser speed gun and have warned the teen that he now faces a harsh punishment. He's been formally banned for at least four weeks, but police have also said he will only be allowed to get his licence back after having undergone 'extensive retraining'.

If his licence is then restored, he'll get two points on his licence and see his new driver probationary period extended from two years to four. He could also be slapped with a $374 fine and will be expected to stump up for the cost of his additional driving lessons.

(Police in Germany shared the story on social media. Credit: Facebook)

To add insult to injury, cops from Märkischer Kreis posted the event onto their Facebook page! No way of hiding that one from the rents..

At least he got a small moment of being a badass before the embarrassment kicked in!

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