WATCH: Chris Cornell's kids accept his award at the Grammys

A really heart warming and sad moment happened during the 61st Annual Grammy Awards, Chris Cornell posthumously won the Best Rock Performance category for “When Bad Does Good.” The musician’s kids, Toni and Chris Jr, accepted the award on their father’s behalf. As well as giving a beautiful speech.

“I never thought we’d be standing here without my dad,” Chris Jr. began. “I’m sure he’d be proud and honored. He was known for many things — he is a rock icon, the godfather of grunge and the creator of a movement whose contribution to music history made a lasting impact across genres and generations.”

“He was also one of the greatest poets of his time, whose soaring, unforgettable vocals made him the voice of a generation. While he touched the hearts of millions, the most important thing he’s known for, to us, is for being the greatest father and our hero.”

Toni Cornell added, “His voice was his vision and his music was his peace. Thank you to our Mom — his love, his muse and his savior — who continues to carry out our father’s legacy, and a huge thank you to his fans for the loud love and support. This is for you, daddy, and we love you so much.”

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