Bloke wakes up with ten dildos super glued to his back by mates!

A video has been uploaded online of a guy getting 10 dildos glued to his back while he was fast asleep by his mate.

The video was part of an Instagram story posted by 'Ni Do Badoque Oficial' who was carrying out a prank as 'revenge' on his friend Abdias Melo.

Abdias is sleeping in and slowly begins to apply glue to the dildos then gently applies them to his friend's naked back.

Once all the dildos are stuck on firmly, resembling thick rubber porcupine quills, Its time to wake Abdias up.

Of course Abdias is fumming as anyone would be.

After Abdias' friends were unable to get the dildos off by pulling - well, they did glue them. He had to make a rather awkward journey to A&E, with a sheet covering his back of course.

While Abdias was lying face down on the hospital bed Ni Do posted a picture on Instagram with the comment: "My people, see the revenge I did with @abdiasmelooficial."

Source: The Sun

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