UK company hiring 'professional spliff roller'

A dispensary in Brighton, England is advertising for a new role at their ganja business - a 'professional spliff roller.'

The ad clarified that 'only legal herbal products' are used in their 'blunts', which will be made using organic rolling paper and 0.7gms of the company's 'finest CDB Flowers'.

The job is £10 which is about $19NZD and its not full time so its not a job you can rely on however if you like rolling spliffs and don't mind the commute to England and would something on the side of your full time job this is the perfect opportunity for you!

The advertisement reads:

"We are seeking the crème de la crème of Brighton based spliff rollers to come and join our team at Hemp Earth Dispensary."

"Can you roll the perfect pure spliff in under five minutes? If so then we want you!"

"Come to Hemp Earth Dispensary on Wednesday, February 27 at 2pm for a spliff rolling contest."

"You roll, we'll time you. If you're the fastest and make the prettiest spliff, then we'll keep you."

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