Grandpa used a sex toy as a vase to mourn the loss of his wife

It was when the grandson of the man in question went home to Japan to see the altar set up in his grandmother's memory. A traditional practice in Japan, it generally involves a display of photographs, flowers, the ashes of the deceased and offerings such as cakes.

His grandfather had placed a bouquet of flowers on the table inside what turned out to be the young man's 'Tenga' brand masturbation aid - alongside his late wife's photo.

The grandson who goes by the online name of 'Koniy805' shared the story online to get a few laughs.

Koniy0805 said: "My grandmother passed away a year ago, so I wanted to say a prayer for her, and I saw that the Tenga I received as a going-away present when I quit my old job is being used in the worst way anyone has ever used it."

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