Bizarre Motorcycle Racing Crash Ends In Punch Up

Two Costa Rican motorcyclists have been caught up in a bizarre crash that ended in a mid-race punch up and a pair of two year bans.

The fight took place in February, but the national federation has just banned Jorge Martinez and Marion Calvo for their roles in the crash and fist fight.

Calvo brought his bike to a halt, with Martinez clinging on for his life, after his motorcycling came out from underneath him.

The riders then exchanged words, before Martinez punched his rival, causing Calvo and his bike to topple over.

Calvo retaliated by fighting back, before the two riders went their separate ways.

The race was then red-flagged and the two scrappy riders were thrown out.

The case was subsequently taken up by the Latin American Motorcycle Association, which dished out hefty punishments.

Pretty dang gnarly!

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