Slipnot's New Mask!

Corey Taylor is back at it again teasing his next mask for Slipknot's upcoming era.

The Slipknot singer has shared a pic on Sunday (April 21) that again teased what appeared to be the his new mask for the band's upcoming era, and all he's said in his caption is "soon"

Focused on what's presumably Taylor's eye, the indistinct image has offered another small look at the retooled Slipknot concept yet to be revealed around the masked metalheads' new album when it drops this summer.

This isn't the first time Taylor has teased his next Slipknot mask. Last December, the lead vocalist showed another portion of the disguise in progress.

That time, he also stated it was coming "soon."

Once revealed, the new headwear will be the latest in a long line of Slipknot costumes.

And while the Clown's wife seemingly isn't thrilled with the get-ups, the new masks surely must be more comfortable than Taylor's first.

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