Disturbed Have Had A Heart Warming Moment At Their Concert!

Disturbed has had an up close look at how their words and music have helped a family through one of the most heartbreaking moments of their lives.

During their set at the Zenith on April 25, the band stopped the show after guitarist Dan Donegan spotted a family in the crowd, holding up a sign, a photo and baby Metallica onesie.

Distrubed Singer David Draiman has recalled the moving moment on social media. Here's what he had to say:

After we performed Hold on to Memories, Dan Donegan pulled me to the side, barely able to contain his emotion, because a family in the front row was holding up a picture of a baby and a onesie, of a child we were assuming they had lost.

During the encore, we pulled them up on stage, and they told us about how they lost their baby, Dominik, about two years ago, and that songs like Hold on to Memories and A Reason to Fight helped them get through and come to terms with their unbearable loss.

Needless to say, we all got choked up together and it even kept going backstage in the dressing room afterwards.

Moments like these make the sacrifices all worth it, knowing that what we’ve created has brought peace to people who couldn’t find it elsewhere.

Tonight’s show is dedicated to Dominik’s memory.

We are...Disturbed.



Check the video below:

It's truly amazing to see how music can bring us all together!

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