Memphis May Fire Cover Linkin Park - Yes or No??

Memphis May fire is the latest to take on a Linkin Park cover… and it's come with a mixed reaction.

It's come in the wake of the one year anniversary of the death of LP frontman Chester Bennington.

They band says their approach was to keep the cover true to the original and singer Matty Mullins does a great job handling the parts of both Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington.

On the rap-focused sections, Mullins injects his own vocal personality with a bit more snarl to his inflections

"A lot of times, when covering a song, you're doing it for fun or to showcase your skills as an artist," the frontman said. "But this specific opportunity was a chance for us to honor a band that has had a profound impact on us. There will never be another Linkin Park and there will never be another Chester Bennington. We are forever grateful for the music they made and we hope this cover will encourage our younger fans to dive into the Linkin Park discography and discover the same inspiration that we did years ago."

Many fans have supported the cover, with others claiming you can't beat the original.

Give it a listen below and decide for yourself:

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