Nicolas Cage Has Found The Power Of Music!

Music can be a great way to help mend a broken heart, as actor Nicolas Cage now knows all too well.

The actor has now turned up twice at a karaoke bar in Los Angeles, and he's found his song of choice to soothe his woes in the Prince classic "Purple Rain."

But Cage has put his own angry, semi-guttural touch on the song following his recent split from Erika Koike. The couple filed for an annulment four days after they wed.

And incase the whole thing wasn't already public and messy enough, a video of him taking on the cover has now surfaced.

In it Cage is spotted at a karaoke bar in the Koreatown area of Los Angeles last Sunday, unleashing an emotional rendition of the song for customers at the establishment.

Check it for yourself…. We feel for ya Nick.

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