Rammstein kiss on Moscow stage to protest anti-LGBTQ laws.

Guitarists Paul Landers and Richard Kruspe of German metal band Rammstein recently kissed onstage during the band's set at Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium. The move was made in defiance of Russia's anti-LGBTQ laws instated by President Vladimir Putin in 2013. There is no word as yet if the band will be prosecuted for the act but it would not be their first brush with the law. Back in 1998 keyboardist Flake Anderson and singer Till Lindeman spent the night in a Massachusettes jail after they simulated sex onstage which law enforcement cited as "lewd and lascivious behaviour". Rammstein are often met with mixed reactions and feelings due to their controversial lyrics and intense subject material for their music. One performance saw Lindeman's mum walk out mid set due to the salacious nature of the music. Rammstein's recent onstage reaction sends a powerful message in support for the LGBTQ community which celebrates pride, diversity, individuality and sexuality and advocates to achieve equal human rights.

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