Women uses Linkin Park lyrics to stop a suicidal man from taking his own life.

Cristina Settanni was driving on her way to work in Orlando, Florida, when she saw a man sitting on the edge of an overpass. Settanni tells that she initially drove past the man, but as she saw him in her rear-view mirror decided to turn around , stop and talk to him. "I stopped because I’ve been where he is. So I know what it’s like. "He needed somebody to show that somebody cared, and tell him he didn’t need to do that today." Eventually, she turned to the poignant lyrics of Linkin Park's 2017 single One More Light to help comfort the man, reciting the lines 'Who cares if one more light goes out/Well, I do' to him. "I didn’t know if the lyrics clicked with him," Settanni said, "but he just cried." Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington died by suicide in 2017, One More Light released as a single following his death. It is the last material Linkin Park have released as a band.

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