Man can't go overseas as his surname is 'too rude' for passport

Who hasn't thought about changing their name to something a bit funny? But we'd never actually do though would we? Well Kenny Kennard has and now he is paying the price for it.

The 33-year-old changed his surname to "Fu-Kennard" as a joke several years ago, but now he's not laughing after being told he cannot have it on any travel documents.

"I'd decided to change my name to Fu-Kennard a few years back," he told The Mirror.

"When I had to apply for a driving licence, it was accepted fine, so I figured it wouldn't make much difference in applying for a passport. How wrong I was.

"I got refused on grounds that my name could cause offence or was vulgar.

"So I complained, but they upheld their decision, so I complained again. I was then told they'd keep the fee for administration costs.

"If I wanted to take the matter further, they said I'd need to contact my MP.

"So I wrote to MP Scott Mann, and he replied saying they're within their remit to refuse."

"On the one hand, I find the whole thing funny — as do all of my friends. But I'm also finding it hard to believe the name could be construed as anything but funny and slightly ridiculous. It's just a joke. Fu-Kennard' is not offensive, and I object to them denying my

chosen name."

He'll be joining Tearsa Green, Wayne King and Tim Burr in a support group.

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