Lzzy Hale on redefining beauty standards for women.

In 2013 Halestorm became the first female fronted band to win a Grammy for 'Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance' and ever since, Lzzy Hale has been using her position in rock'n'roll to empower women and transcend gender stereotypes. Hale is determined to "show our fellow femmes that society's definition of 'a woman' is false". Hale is incredibly passionate about this issue and shares on her blog "We are taught as young ladies that the world is a scary place, and that we should get married and settle down lest we die alone. And be sure to have a few kids before it’s too late and your ticking time bomb of a body blows up! And we need products! Products to grow our hair, soften our face, melt the fat, plump our lips, grow our tits, erase scars and stretch marks, make our asses bigger or smaller… because without all these things we are undesirable and therefore not worthy of love. As we begin to grow, ask questions, and find ourselves as women, everything that makes us happy is somehow wrong…They say, Be independent, but know your place. Make money, but not too much. Be smart, but not too smart, be strong but not too strong or you’ll be a bitch. If you like sex, you’re a slut, if you drink you’re a lush, if you cut your hair your a dyke, if you like rock'n'roll and metal obviously you’re on a path to hell. We are told that to be women we need to be the Un-be-able, and because societies view of women is such an unattainable goal… inevitably every women loses."

Hale continues to challenge standards for women by being vocal about body image and what constitutes beauty. Hale is authentically passionate about her music and encourages each woman to take true ownership of who they are. "Let’s Get dirty, climb trees, be artists, mechanics, scientists, rock-stars and presidents. Let’s stop listening to all the things we are supposed to be and truly start being who we are."

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