Ozzy Osbourne Has His Genes To Thank As To Why Hes Still Alive

Turns out Ozzy Osbourne should thank his genetics as to why he's still alive.

Biologist Bill Sullivan has figured out how the Black Sabbath star has such a high tolerance against both drugs and alcohol. In his new book Pleased to Meet Me: Genes, Germs and the Curious Forces that Make Us Who We Are.

He wrote: ‘Ozzy is indeed a genetic mutant,’ which fans could have probably guessed.

Osbourne said ‘I don’t drink alcohol anymore…I don’t smoke tobacco. I don’t use drugs…I’m doing good right now. ‘I now think, “how did I think going into a bar and getting smashed and doing all that cocaine was fun?”

The Mr Crowley hit maker, who is married to Sharon Osbourne, added: ‘I have come to think that if right now you had a gun, a bag of cocaine and a gallon of booze and you said “take your pick”, I’d pick up the gun. It’s not worth it.

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