Incubus rejects ties to nu-metal.

Incubus are the latest of a handful of bands who are rejecting the idea of being referred to as a nu-metal band. Incubus who are an American rock band who formed in 1991 in California never did fit into any one scene or sound. Incubus lead vocalist Brandon Boyd tells The Guardian "so much of nu-metal was openly misogynistic". Much of nu-metal has been tainted by having a negative attitude towards women and Incubus want no part of it. "It felt a little strange to be associated with some of the bands around that time who were very deeply misogynistic in their content and vibrationally kind of violent," the frontman told Kerrang! "So for years it hurt our feelings that we were associated with so many of these bands who we felt we had no relationship with or similarity to." Nu-metal is a sub genre of alternative metal that combines elements of heavy metal with elements of other music genres such as hip-hop, alternative rock, funk, industrial and grunge.

Incubus are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their third album Make Yourself with a North American tour.

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