Twenty eight years since Nevermind release.

Nirvana were an American rock band that brought grunge to mainstream music with their widely acclaimed second album Nevermind. Nevermind was released September 24, 1991 and sold 30 million copies taking the music industry by surprise and turning popular culture on its head with its release in 1991. Their mix of down-tuned rock’n’roll, punk rock spirit and abstract lyrics originally captured the imagination of the increasingly disaffected Generation X youth, but continues to shape and inform rock music today. Nirvana were infamously kicked out of their own Nevermind release party. The bash at the tiny Seattle venue Rebar got messy quickly, as Cobain and friends showed up tipsy, started tossing around a watermelon filled with ranch dressing and were eventually shown the door. While Nirvana disbanded after Kurt Cobain's death in 1994, the band remains one of the biggest and most influential bands in music history.

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