Rapper Travis Scott recruits Marilyn Manson for hip-hop festival.

Earlier this week, rapper Travis Scott made a last minute announcement that Marilyn Manson would perform at his AstroWorld festival in Houston last Saturday, November 9, surprising folks in both the metal and hip hop worlds.

Video of that performance has surfaced, along with a compilation clip showing Manson’s arrival to the fest and some very confused-looking bystanders. The crowd seemed to react well to the show, singing along to Manson’s well-known cover of Eurythmics’s “Sweet Dreams.” Likewise, Manson seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself, as seen in the array of behind-the-scenes photos and videos that hit social media. "I love Travis for being a genius," he proclaims in one video, "for thinking of doing something crazy like that."

Source: Metalsucks

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