Rob Zombie recognized with Woodstock Warrior Award.

Rob Zombie may be best known for theatrical rock & roll and terrifying horror movies, but the musician-director and his wife, are also outspoken advocates for the protection of animals. The couple were guests of honor at the 14th annual ThanksLiving Gala in High Falls, New York, last weekend. Woodstock Sanctuary, a nonprofit dedicated to rescuing farmed animals and providing them with lifelong care, recognized the Zombies with the Woodstock Warrior Award for their work in the fight against animal abuse.

Rob dedicated his award to Rob Zombie - the duck, his namesake at the Sanctuary, who has a fitting reputation for not taking any shit and scaring Sanctuary visitors and volunteers. Rob told the audience while posing for photos that earlier, Rob the duck had been biting his fingers. And while he tried to look happy in the moment, he wanted it to be known that the duck "is a little shit."

Zombie spoke with Revolver Magazine at the event "Veganism was also a big thing in the punk-rock scene because punk rock and hardcore back in the day was about thinking for yourself. I will not in my life be controlled by fucking corporations. And it's all a big fucking lie that they sell you, with their "Real Men Eat Meat" and their Hungry-Man dinners. You're going to be [filled with] all these drugs once you hit 40. And I hit 40. And I hit 50. And in five years I'll hit 60 and I don't need any of this shit. Because it's all a lie. And I don't want to be controlled by a lie. Here's a good example: My mom survived breast cancer and there's a link between breast cancer and dairy consumption. And you know who's a big supporter of the pink ribbon campaign? Dannon Yogurt. Once you realize the world is a lie, you can start seeing the truth and wake up. If you want to live your life with these giant corporations that make billions of dollars killing you, hey, have fun with that, but I'm not on board with it."

Source: Revolver

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