Knotfest Mexico canceled after barricade breaks, fans storm stage and destroy equipment.

Saturday, November 30th, Slipknot were supposed to close out Knotfest México 2019, the latest edition of their hugely successful traveling festival, which recently announced its expansion into the world of metal cruises. However, they were forced to cancel their headlining performance due to safety issues involving a broken barricade. Evanescence also had to cancel their set, which was to include the first-ever performance of the band's cover of Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain."

News of the cancellations spread fast, with #Knotfest trending on Twitter, due to the reaction by some fans at the festival, who stormed the stage and destroyed equipment, including Evanescence's gear. Video footage of a drum set on fire reportedly belonging to Evanescence drummer Will Hunt went viral. "It literally breaks my heart to see @evanescence equipment being destroyed at #knotfest. To the people who went on to destroy their equipment, you're a bunch of cowards. Malditos perros!," tweeted one fan, while another attendee eloquently added, "This doesn't represent metalheads nor mexicans. Only fucking morons that can't behave properly."

"Due to unforeseen circumstances, Slipknot were not able to perform at last night's Knotfest," the band commented in a joint statement. "Security barricades became an issue, and it was decided that for the safety of the fans, neither Slipknot or special guests Evanescence could take the stage."

Source: Revolver

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