Tenacious D team with Jack White on hilarious new song.

Jack Black and Jack White, going off names alone, seem like a natural pairing, but up to now the two had not worked together. That all changed though, when Third Man Records pressed a special limited edition 7-inch featuring the Tenacious D/White mashup the world's been waiting on forever, "Don't Blow It, Kage."

Falling perfectly in line with the D's hilarious but highly skillful structuring and lyricism, the track focuses on the anxiety of impressing the legendary White, who pops in near the track's end to offer up his moral support. The titular Kage refers to Black's musical partner Kyle Gass, who often plays the bumbling idiot to Black's overly self-assured character of the twosome. Wholly acoustic but with a high-energy rock vibe, the song is right at home among the comedic duo's long-running track record of hilarious, foot-stomping jams.

While Black mock judges Gass in the latter half of the track by saying it's "the worst shit [he's] ever fucking played, White interjects kinds, "Kage, Kage, that was the best guitar solo I've ever heard in my life ... Do you wanna start a band with me right now?"

Source Revolver

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