Five Finger Death Punch - New album marks the bands rebirth.

December 5, 2019

Five Finger Death Punch’s Zoltan Bathory has spoken about their upcoming album F8 and says it marks the band’s “rebirth.”

In a new interview with Billboard, the guitarist has opened up on what the record means for the group.

Bathory says “Here we are – everybody's sober, everybody's ready to work and focused. There's a lot to say, a lot to prove. It's like a new band, in a way. It's progressing. It's rebirth. It's transcendent. 

“When I listen to this album, it's the same sound, the same band, but it isn't. If you really listen to this, it's not the same band… for the better, both musically and lyrically."

Back in September, Five Finger Death Punch teased their new single Inside Out, with frontman Ivan Moody telling Metal Hammer that the track “pretty much encompasses everything” since his much-publicised addiction struggles.

The guitarist says “Ivan was in a very difficult situation. He went back many, many times to rehab. At moments he looked like he was not going to make it, that he was going to be another 'rock star' that didn't make it. 

“We lost Chester Bennington. We lost so many of these guys, some of them personal friends, and Ivan was almost one of them. A couple of times he did die and has to be resuscitated. He literally said, ‘This album is everything that happened in my life leading up to this record.' He calls it his absolution."

Source: LouderSound/MetalHammer



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