Hear insane Marilyn Manson-Mariah Carey mashup "All I want for Christmas is The Beautiful Peopl

Master mashup artist Bill McClintock has graced heavy-music fans with the gift we didn't know we wanted: a blending of Mariah Carey's irresistible holiday classic "All I Want for Christmas" with Marilyn Manson's Nineties chant-along "The Beautiful People" for a strange, deliciously catchy and all-out-fun new cut. The saccharine edge of Carey's original is tamped down by the aggression of Manson's hit, meaning even those with the biggest aversion to Christmas tunes will find themselves nodding along to this wild concoction. "I'm gonna have my 6th graders perform it just like this for the concert," McClintock jokes in the caption to his YouTube post.

At this point, McClintock has fused too many rock, metal and pop songs to count, with the most recent before this one being the Judas Priest–meets–Michael Jackson delight "Billie Jean's Got Another Thing Comin," which works as insanely well as some of his more classic creations like his "Slipshack" mashup of Iowan masked maniacs Slipknot with dancefloor heroes the B52s.

Source: Revolver

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