Halestorm's Lzzy Hale offers an honest look at mental health.

Lzzy Hale shares her own struggles with mental health with the intention to reach out and remind us that we each have the strength to get through the challenging times and to support one another. For more Lzzy blogs check out lzzyhaleofficial.tumblr.com

"I practice distance with my vices, and I’m very good at separating who I am as a person, versus what I represent on stage. And most importantly…

I do not concern myself with other people’s opinions of me, be it good or bad. You can love me, hate me, follow me, unfollow me. It doesn’t make a difference to me. All that truly matters is what I think of me. Am I the person that I want to be? Do I like me?

I’m telling all of you this because I think it’s important for us to be reminded that we are the same. I face the same wars with the mirror that you do.

And I’d like to share with you what I do to prepare and win those wars everyday.

I keep all of my demons close… I address all of them directly… everyday.

Because if I don’t, I start to believe the lies they spin.

The beast and her minions…They are such sad, stupid, desperate creatures. They are starving…and they feed on my anger, sadness, confusion and negativity.

They tell me stories in soft, false sympathetic tones. They try to convince me that I am nothing, that I don’t matter, that my life is not my own, and that I do not deserve the love and light that I have found in my life. They like to convince me that I do not belong, taking such delight in watching me spiral out and down. Until I feel like nothing and am pushed close enough to the edge to feel the wind in my face from below. My beast sings songs of relief…what a relief it would be, just to give in…to jump…it would be so easy.

But I am armed.

One of the most powerful weapons in my arsenal. Is my pen and paper. It helps me decipher what’s real and what’s not.

Everyday, I will write in my notebooks.

The physical act of writing my thoughts down onto paper, puts me in control.

It helps me cut through the white noise in my head. And As I read back through the manic chicken scratch…the logic-versus-crazy separates, and I am able to see what really matters.

The next step in my process is to comb back through my notebook, I will circle phrases and thoughts that speak my truth.


I will take my truth, pick up a guitar, or sit at a piano…and turn it into a song.

Not only does the act of creation distract me from getting sucked and swallowed into a downward spiral, but it gives me power over those dark force’s. By turning something destructive into something beautiful, I feel cleansed, and full of purpose. I have won the battle for another day."

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